About us


In 2004 Patrick Tognella founded the company tognella.com. He offered as a company, private and corporate, services in the field of information technology. These services ranged from building and maintaining infrastructures to creating and maintaining websites.

The founder and current father of three and husband lives with his family in Aargau, Switzerland. Since the times of information technology are very much in a twist and Patrick Tognella was looking for a balance in his private life for his daily work as a consultant, 2020 tognella.com has decided on a new concept.


tognella.com would like to offer craftsmen, hobbyists, inventors and technically interested with free contributions, interesting videos and innovative products an increase in value.

Examples of such work are instructions for building a piece of furniture. Explanatory video for a function in a software. Electronic components for schools, laboratories or hobbyists in the workshop.

In all the work, the thought is always on “Open Source” and Open Hardware”. This means we make all our work freely available to the public.


Now the businessman asks himself, how can one be economically successful with this concept? The answer is simple. The concept is based on three pillars:

1. advertising revenue and affilate marketing

Advertising space is displayed on the website. Additionally in our articles product links are used which with a purchase, with us a small credit note produces. This without additional costs on your side.

2. product sales

In our shop we offer products which we offer at a minimum price. Each buyer is free to choose his own price for the product and can therefore determine what the product is worth to him. We only set the minimum price.

3. sponsoring

We are a member of Patreon and Paypal.me. These two platforms allow our loyal fans to have a form of membership. Donation. This again according to the principle, what is it worth to me that tognella.com can continue to offer its services free of charge in the future.

Closing words

I would therefore like to thank all our supporters for their loyalty and hope that we can continue to be of service to you in the future.

Thank you very much

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