Ikea Live Hack – Leg rest from Frosta stool

Our son broke his shin on vacation. Due to this circumstance, we had to build a leg support for his injured leg. We still had old Frosta stools from the famous Swedish furniture store.

Final result in the test
Final result in the test

Material list

You need this to rebuild the leg rest. Unfortunately, Ikea no longer has the stool in the assortment but. I have listed an alternative for you.

1Ikea Stool “Frosta”Alternative to Ikea
10Countersunk screws 4×40https://tognella.com/amz-asinB00MPINNG8
2Screw hook 5.8×50https://tognella.com/amz-asinB00ETJKAP8
2Washer M5https://tognella.com/amz-asinB00SVF48R2
1Lashing strap 25mmhttps://tognella.com/amz-asinB08DRMN5SD
20 eyelets 10mmhttps://tognella.com/amz-asinB07RZ32ZQF
13-layer panel 400mm x 260mm 27mm thicknessOrder from local wood cutting service or from scrap wood
Listing of all materials


The leg rest is relatively quick to implement and is described here in a few steps.

Step 1 – Download the plans

We offer the plans free of charge for download. Please note the download notice.

After the download you can start with the project.

Step 2 – Disassembly of the old stool

The 4 feet of the stool must be unscrewed. These are further needed for the leg rest.

Step 3 – Shortening, drilling, countersinking and grinding

In the next step, I recommend shortening two legs at a time according to the plans and drilling the new holes. The base plate should be well sanded at the edges or even rounded with the router. Since the board rests on the sofa afterwards. and the edges shouldn’t leave any traces.

Step 4 – Mounting on base board

The shortened legs can now be screwed onto the base plate. Make sure that one foot of type A and one foot of type B are facing each other. The picture below should illustrate the correct position.

The screw hooks can now be screwed into the newly drilled holes in the type A holders. This is easier to do with a combination wrench.

Final wood structure
Final wood structure

Step 4 – Preparation of the risers

For our application, we cut off a piece of 50 cm from each of the tensioning straps available in the DIY store. The cut ends should be scorched with a lighter, otherwise the belt will fray. At each end of the belt, we hammered 10 eyelets at a distance of 2 cm. We used the eyelet set from Amazon for this.

Carrying straps with eyelets
Carrying straps with eyelets

At the other end of the straps we folded the end over and put in a 4×40 screw with washer. With the help of an awl you can pierce a hole in advance, then the screw goes through better.

retaining screws with washers
retaining screws with washers

Step 5 – Install straps and finish

Last but not least, the straps have to be screwed to the type B legs. Once this is done, the leg rest is ready and can be used. Our son has made good use of it and it has taken a lot of pain away from him as it provides a flexible and comfortable support.

Finished assembly
Finished assembly

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